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Engage Youth. Build Bridges. Realize Potential.

LOVE supports to thrive through programs and healthy relationships that build and help overcome the challenges they face. Our participants emerge from LOVE’s programs with greater , heightened skills, and the confidence to be

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alumni who believe LOVE (Québec) had a positive impact on their decision to stay in school or pursue higher education


youth who believe LOVE (Québec) has given them the skills & tools to support their peers in need

There is a plethora of reasons I could list about what exactly LOVE means to me. However, there is one reason in particular that stands out above the rest and that reason just so happens to be how LOVE played a tremendous role in helping me overcome my social anxiety. From simply chatting with fellow youth to slowly but surely opening up to the coordinators, LOVE truly assisted in helping break apart my shell of social anxiety piece by piece with the utmost support and encouragement."

Selena, LOVE (Québec) youth and alumni

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